Host Couple Bridget & Richard

Hi! We are Bridget and Richard, co-hosts of the Bottoms Up Crew. We have been home (Hedo II) six times and know the property quite well. We are in the lifestyle and love to mingle  with guests and party the nights away. So click on our rates link to get your free room quote and let’s get this party started. You can reach us at

Fun In the SUN

Escape the cold and lose the swimsuits.  Join Bottoms Up Crew for a action packed week!

Host Couple Missy & Brent

Just want to introduce ourselves we are one of the host couples.  We have been traveling to Hedo II for the past 15 years and know all the ins and outs of the resort.  Feel free to drop us a Email with any questions you might have BRENT@BOTTOMSUPCREW.COM or go to the contact page.  Hope to see you at Hedo II 2018 for a fun filled bash!

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Thanks for checking out our web page.  Feel free to check our yahoo group page for more info!  Thanks



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